Maldives Luxury Surf Charter

Looking for a full service luxury surf charter in the Maldives?
Travel in style & comfort with Elysia Charters

Private Small Group Luxury Surf Charters

We offer an exclusive small group luxury surf charter providing you with everything you could want on a surf trip. Sit back with your friends and family and enjoy all that the Maldives has to offer. We can cater to small private groups ranging from 2 to 6 people.

Maldives Surf Charter

The Charter Yacht

Welcome aboard our 45ft Lagoon 450 Catamaran. Below deck you’ll find three very comfortable double cabins where you can rest and relax after a big day of surfing. Enjoy beautiful food crafted specially for your taste buds. Recharge in our glorious day bed on the skybridge with sensational views.

Empty Lineup - Uncrowded surf break in the Maldives | Elysia Charters

Maldives Surf

The Maldives is a remarkable surfing destination. What better way to get to the waves than by a luxury surf charter? We can comfortably get you to lefts, rights, mellow waves or charging barrels. You have the luxury to travel further to score waves without the crowds.

Chilling out at the Beach | Elysia Charters - Maldives Holiday Package

Sail & Explore

Sailing offers a unique opportunity to explore along the way. Interested in checking out that uninhabited island and setting up a dinner on the beach? We’ll put the anchor down and you watch the sunset.

Maldives Fishing Charter - Catching Sailfish aboard a Sailboat - Elysia Charters


From a variety of reef fish to big game fish out in the deeper waters, the Maldives has it all for fishing. So get jigging or throw that lure overboard en route to the next surf spot. You never know, you might just catch dinner!

Maldives Dolphin | Elysia Crewed Yacht Charters

Snorkel & Dive

Life beneath the water in the Maldives is absolutely incredible. It is the abundance of marine life that sets the Maldives apart from other diving and snorkelling destinations. From a huge variety of coral reef fish, turtles to manta rays. You will be sure to be amazed.