Terms & Conditions

Elysia Charters

The charterer and all members of their party accept that they are aware of the inherent dangers of a Maldives surf trip charter. includes, but not limited to, the hazards of sailing, diving, snorkeling, surfing, equipment failure, penis of the sea, acts of other participants, and poor sea and weather conditions, and are ready to incur such risks. Guests understand and agree to their responsibility to exercise personal care for their own safety during any/all of our Maldives tour & travel services, including:

  1. Elysia Charters hereby notifies you that all arrangements made by us are made on the condition that we shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or additional expenses incurred as a result of accident, hinny, sickness or death, personal property damage or loss, or additional expense due to delays in changes in air, road, rail, sea, or other services, strikes, war, weather, or other causes.
  2. Without limiting Elysia Charters liability, guests are strongly advised to obtain personal travel insurance to cover, among other things, emergency medical assistance and evacuation/repatriation, personal accident/injury, travel costs arising from changes in the yacht’s passage plan, loss or damage to personal property, and loss of booking fees in the event of cancellation.
  3. The charter is not confirmed until a 30% deposit of the amount is received. Provisional bookings made by phone or email will be held for 10 days until the deposit is received. Every person making a booking on behalf of an individual or group of individuals warrants and acknowledges that he/she has that individual’s permission and that each such individual agrees to be governed by these Terms & Conditions. Elysia Charters reserves the right to amend pricing in response to any significant changes in cost that may arise between the time of booking and the time of departure.
  4. By signing the Booking Form, guests declare that they, as well as all persons on whose behalf they are booking, are in excellent health, fit, mobile, and agile. Any illness that occurs between the time of booking the vacation and the time of departure must be reported. The captain may refuse to carry any anyone on any charter for any reason relating to the safety of the vessel or any property or other persons on board. In such cases, the individual is not entitled to any compensation or remuneration.
  5. The Charterer, whether an individual or booking the entire vessel, is responsible for the entire fee he/she has agreed to pay and must pay the remainder at least 30 days before the commencement of the charter period. If the balance of the charter cost is not paid on time, we reserve the right to cancel the charter and keep the deposit. If the guest cancels the reservation for whatever reason, he or she is still liable for the entire fee. Holiday cancellation insurance is highly advised.
  6. The vessel is fully insured for loss, damage, and public liability. The yacht’s insurance does not cover you for any accident, damage, or loss to you or your goods. Furthermore, our insurance does not cover charterers who are away from the vessel or its tender while participating in watersports or other activities, nor does it cover loss or damage to guests’ gear, goods, or valuables while onboard or in transit. As a result, we urge that you review your own travel/personal/household insurance coverage to verify that it protects you for all situations.
  7. The charterer and all members of their party fully understand that the Yacht has limited medical facilities and that in the event of illness or accident, adequate care must be summoned by radio and treatment will be delayed until they can be evacuated to a proper medical facility. No promises, implied or otherwise, are made that the crew can or will execute safe rescues or provide first aid. If the charterer or a member of their party shows signs of distress or calls for assistance, it is understood that they would like assistance and will not hold Elysia Charters, its crew, or employees liable for their actions in attempting to perform or rescue first aid. Elysia Charters is not responsible for any medical or evacuation fees. The guest is responsible for all expenses.
  8. No children under the age of eight can be transported without prior arrangement. Children are always the responsibility of their parents/guardians. No animals may be transported.
  9. No narcotics, other illegal items, or pornographic materials are permitted on board the yacht, and the passenger(s) agree to free and release Elysia Charters and its staff from any liability or responsibilities arising from any breach of this condition. Smoking is not permitted below deck (cabins/bathrooms) or within the saloon, however it is permitted in the outdoor cockpit and on deck as long as it does not bother other guests.
  10. The skipper of Elysia Charters maintains the right to alter the charter in any way he deems essential owing to poor weather or other conditions. The skipper is ultimately responsible for the safety of the vessel, its tender, and anyone on board, and his judgment is final.
  11. If you have a problem, please submit it to us as soon as possible so that we can address it swiftly and to your satisfaction.
  12. Seaplanes and local domestic airlines cannot guarantee exact times of arrival or departure of any service, and Elysia Charters will not be liable for failure to make connections to other services/accommodation/international flights. It is recommended that if you are connecting to an overseas airline, your domestic flight be scheduled in the morning and your international connection be scheduled in the late evening. to allow for airline schedule adjustments, which are not unusual. To be safe, we recommend that clients taking a domestic flight back to Male spend the night in Male upon arrival and book their international trip for the following day.
  13. For charters cancelled 90 days or more before the departure date, 50% of the deposit paid is returned. There will be no compensation for cancellations made less than 90 days before the departure date. If a visitor group is unable to travel to the Maldives owing to pandemic-related travel restrictions, a complimentary trip rescheduling will be provided. Similarly, if the Maldives forbids tourist admission due to pandemic-related difficulties, a free travel rescheduling will be provided. Rescheduled travel to be taken within one year at a mutually suitable time.
  14. In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide the charter booked or an acceptable alternative due to circumstances beyond our control, we shall arrange an alternate charter date. If this is not practicable, we will fully refund all money paid to us for the charter, and the Charterer will have no further claim against us.
  15. Any legal action or proceeding arising out of or related to this contract shall be governed by English Law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Payment of the deposit signifies acceptance by the Charterer and all members of their party that they explicitly acknowledge and agree in advance to these Terms & Conditions, accept and willingly assume all risks and hazards related to, arising out of, or associated with their participation in a sailing trip and associated activities, and voluntarily agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless Elysia Charters, its members, owners, crew, and employees from any annuities.

Charterers agree that any photographic, video, and/or voice recordings created by Elysia Charters of their participation in the Trip, in any medium, may be used for general marketing of Elysia Charters, including in printed copy and on the internet.